love your local.

showcasing caves beach.

As we acquaint ourselves with this new norm, we realise how lucky we are to be living here in Caves Beach.

The area is an absolute treasure and you don’t have to dig too deep to find quality local businesses across multiple sectors. With more of us working from home and the vast arrange of diverse businesses now located in Caves Beach, we need new ways to connect and that’s what Caves Beach Connect is all about.

Caves Beach Connect is a place where the local person or the visitor, can search for the product or service they require, buying local, utilising local skills and assisting in building a community where our children can enjoy quality future employment opportunities.

buy local.

we’re here to help.

Search from over 70 Caves Beach Businesses.

Micromex Research & Consulting
One Agency
Belle Property
Park Avenue Property Group
Caves Coastal Bar & Bungalows
Mortgage Elite
Hardy IT
Emagine Design
Caves Beach Butchery
Boffee Cafe
Caves Beach Grocer
Caves Beach Pharmacy
Pure Bliss
Caves Beach Gift Gallerie
Pinnacle Building Consultancy
Caves Hair Haven
Two Pines Caves Beach
Elysium Skin Studio
Adams and Associates Solicitors
The Rock at Caves Beach
Caves Beach Takeaway
Caves Beach Gelato
Finite Gallery
Imperial Tools Australia
Eastlakes Self Storage
Caves Beach Automotive
Caves Beach Gym
Swansea Tyre & Battery
Daniel Joyce Design
Norris Dishwashers
Caves Engineering & Marine
Swansea Smash Repairs
JR Marine Services
Chapman Lawn & Gardening Services
Fendertrim Australia Pty Ltd
Shears Plus
Body Mechanics Remedial Massage Therapies
Tonnos 'N' Stuff
Grimmtek Motorcycle Services
Feed Caddy
Waves of Scent
Caves Cellars
Our Crystals Closet
Hunter Fisheries Office
Mel's Beauty Salon
Dr Ros Cosmetic Medicine
Caves Beach Holiday Villa
Cave Woman
Lakeshores Accommodation
Caves Beach Dance Studio
Williams Electrical & Solar Solutions
All Clean Auto Detailing
Wombul House
Nova Auto Innovations
Tri Nature with Mary Grace

community spirit.

Supporting our community through thick & thin.

Caves Beach Public School
Swansea High School
St Patricks Primary School Swansea
Uniting Preschool
Swansea FC
Caves Beach SLSC
Caves Beach Netball Club
Caves Beach Karate
New Hope Church Caves Beach
Southern Cross Care
C3 Church Southern Beaches
Swansea District Baptist Church
Newcastle Surf School
Saint Patricks Swansea Church
Caves Beach Early Learning Centre
Caves Beach Tennis Club

making real connections.

With more and more new businesses moving into the area we want to create a place where networking
opportunities are possible … and with the great facilities available it’s a no brainer.

With this in mind we’ll be organising some interesting networking events coming soon …

connecting our community.

connect your business.

With over 70 businesses already listed, if you own or operate a business (the business does not need to operate in Caves Beach) and you are not listed, contact us via this form and we’ll get onto publishing your FREE listing.


We are at war with an invisible monster and it’s up to each of us to remain vigilant and follow the advice from our experts to know the signs and stop the spread.



All businesses represented on Caves Beach Connect are owned or operated by locals that live in Caves Beach
although the businesses themselves may not necessarily operate in Caves Beach.

Our guiding principle for listing a business is for anyone that lives in Caves Beach and owns or operates a business inside or outside of Caves Beach.

We want it to be a vehicle to encourage networking and locals to support locals.

The views and opinions expressed by each business or community stakeholder are those of each business or community stakeholder and do not necessarily reflect the position of Caves Beach Connect.