Luxurious, Robust, Safe & Stylish.

Travelhome provides luxurious, robust, safe, stylish and secure Fifth Wheelers to Australians all around the country.

Our workshop is located in Caves Beach, a coastal city in the Lake Macquarie region. The Travelhome warehouse is located 1 hour 30 minutes from Sydney and 1 hour from Newcastle Airport; where we store our Caravans and Fifth Wheelers for sale and conduct repairs and maintenance on a broad range of Caravans.

All of our Travelhome Fifth Wheelers are custom built from the ground up – from the frame to the kitchen sink. All construction and engineering is managed here in Caves Beach, and all of our products are engineered locally in Newcastle to ensure the highest quality Travelhome. Our Travelhome Fifth Wheelers are designed to withstand Australian conditions on Australian roads; this means we know EVERYTHING there is to know about our product and what we sell. Pride in our work is an understatement.

Address. 19 Strathmore Road, Caves Beach, NSW

Phone. 1300 785 495


Automotive Manufacturer, Repairs, Upgrades, Regular Servicing, Service, Insurance Work, Trade-ins and Re-Selling, Financing, Hitch Installation.


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