Caves Beach Karate.

Caves Beach Karate

Self-defence, focus, fitness & fun.

Come for a free trial at Caves Beach Karate with classes running at both Caves Beach and Swansea.

Caves Beach Karate is part of the Goshin Ryu Karate Club which is the most successful Karate club in the government recognised Australian Karate Federation. Karate is a great personal development system teaching life skills that develop self confidence, self esteem and discipline, as well as being a great deal of fun! We have classes for 6 year olds through to adults with a free trial and no term fees to worry about- we only expect you to pay for the classes you attend along with a small membership & insurance yearly fee!

With 2 qualified instructors at every class who have over 25 years of martial arts experience along with a number of senior grades who assist, beginners get as much 1:1 attention as required and are always welcome.

We teach more than just Goshin Ryu Karate and each lesson is a mixture of traditional Karate, kick boxing, jujitsu, self defence and weapons including the Bo-Staff & Kali.

So, call us for your free trial now!

Address. 127/139 Caves Beach Road, Caves Beach

Phone. 0423924840


Karate, Martial Arts, Physical Fitness, Exercise, Coordination, Stamina, Health, Composure, Mental Fitness, Self-Confidence.


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