Nurturing Community Spirit: The Journey of
Swansea Community Cottage

Swansea Community Cottage has been a beacon of support in our local community since 1980. From its humble beginnings with an After School Program, it has blossomed into a comprehensive Neighbourhood Centre. Today, it offers a wide array of services including emergency relief, vocational programs, and youth initiatives, all aimed at enriching the lives of our community members.

I recently caught up with the new Chief Executive Officer, Mark Trevaskis to learn about the future of the community centre.

Mark Trevaskis from Swansea Community Cottage

Guiding Principles and Adaptability

Mark Trevaskis, the new Executive Officer, brings over 27 years of experience as a qualified Social Worker and Senior Manager. Guided by the core values of dignity, respect and integrity, Mark emphasises the importance of partnerships and evidence-based programs to deliver meaningful outcomes.

The not-for-profit sector has evolved dramatically, requiring organisations like Swansea Community Cottage to develop robust systems for accountability, transparency, and sustainability. This shift to a corporate community model has been a significant journey, marked by milestones such as providing services for over 40 years and the excitement of launching a new OOSH program in Nord’s Wharf.

Collaboration and Community Connection

Networking and collaboration are vital to the success of Swansea Community Cottage. By connecting with local expertise and understanding community needs, the organization can tap into new ideas and secure crucial resources through sponsorships and donations. Mark’s advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is simple yet profound: Connect. He believes that building relationships within the community is key to unlocking a wealth of knowledge and support.

Challenges and Future Prospects

Staying relevant and meeting community needs is an ongoing challenge. Mark shares his experience with the Freecycle program, which was temporarily paused to reassess its operation. This decision underscores the importance of aligning services with the organization’s mission while ensuring safety and dignity for all. Looking ahead, Mark is enthusiastic about the potential for Swansea Community Cottage to make a more significant impact, particularly through engaging with local businesses. Initiatives like the upcoming Youth Week Event highlight the need for more programs to support young people, and Mark is keen on seeking sponsorship to expand these services.

The Role of Caves Connect

Caves Connect is a vital platform for fostering collaboration and strengthening the sense of community among local businesses. By supporting each other and leveraging local expertise, we can collectively enhance the vibrancy and resilience of our area. Swansea Community Cottage’s journey and vision underscore the power of community-driven initiatives in creating positive change and nurturing a supportive environment for all.

Swansea Community Cottage


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